Design Tips

Design Tips

There are many things to consider when optimizing a coil spring for use in a mechanical assembly.


The correct choice of materials and dimensions will serve to provide a superior spring for your particular application and could result in a more cost-effective product.

We are passionate about helping our customers as they learn about springs and how to use them Here are some of the key questions that our design team will usually ask.

– Where will the spring be used? – This helps us determine if you need an alloy that won’t rust, or perhaps one that is suited for very high cycle life.

– How much space do we have? –  By ensuring that there is sufficient room to allow the spring to function efficiently without causing excessive stress which could result in premature failure

– How strong and how much travel ? –  Is there a specific load requirement for your spring and is what is the deflection expected? Normally a spring has at least 2 load points, a preload length, and a working length.

We know that every application is unique and that is what makes our job fun. Just let us know the most critical role that the spring must fulfil, and we can optimize everything else to suit that.

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