Coil Springs – Products and Services

Coil Springs – Products and Services

Ammtech Spring is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers with the springs they need for any application. These applications are too numerous to list out every one but below are the 4 main spring types and where they can often be found.

Compression Springs – shock absorbers, bearing preload, vibration isolators, hydraulic equipment, piston or ball check valves

Extension Springs – trampolines, exercise machines, plow blades, cultivators, garage doors

Torsion Springs – clothespins, window shades, counterbalance mechanisms, trailer ramps, spring hinges

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Coil Springs – So Many Uses

Coil springs are critical to the function of many products used in a variety of industrial applications. As a client of Ammtech Spring, you can rely on our decades of experience partnering with manufacturers from a wide range of industries to produce custom spring solutions including:

No matter which spring solution we’re delivering, we take pride in knowing we contribute to the success of each unique application where our springs are used.

Industry sectors that use our coil springs and spring products include:

  • Oil & Gas: Downhole tools, valves, instruments

  • Marine: Seating, fishing gear, rigging

  • HVAC: Heaters, ducting contacts, access hatches

  • Utilities: Power contacts, water valves

  • Automotive: Frame equipment, hitches

  • Forestry: Sawmill equipment

  • Agriculture: Cultivating and Harvesting equipment

Looking For a Custom Spring Design?

Ammtech Spring is Here For You

Ammtech Spring has devoted itself in making life easier for its clients. If you’re looking for any of the above mentioned springs or looking to acquire custom springs then we’re ready to help you. We’re available 24/7 to help you and provide you what you’re looking for. Just give us a call at (604) 278-0600 or feel free to contact us at any time.