We are manufactures of Compression springs, Extension springs, Torsion springs, Tapered springs, Clock/Power springs, Wire forms, & Clips. We use most materials available in round, flat square & shaped stock. Our years of experience & range of equipment allow us to offer a wide variety of options, Precision Prototyping, Custom springs, Short runs & large production runs to clients of all types including Industrial, Commercial, Retail & Individual.

Phone: 604-278-0600

Toll Free: 1-877-774-6477

Email: sales@ammtechspring.com


Alloys that we use: Spring Shop Equipment:
Round, Square & Flat. C-2 Carlson Coiler
Oil tempered Class 1 & Class 2 Sofia Custom coiler up to 1/2″ dia wire
Oil tempered Chrome Silicon Automatic coilers: W-10, W-12A, W-23, Samuel 1 1/2.
Stainless Steel T 302 & 316 Richardson bender
Music Wire Hydraulic Bender (up to 1″dia bar)
Monel & Inconel Samuel looper & Hydraulic bender
17-7 PH Diacro Hand Bender
Phosphor/Bronze Hydraulic lateralizer
Berylium-Copper Dillon & Rimac precision spring testers
C-1075 & C-1095 Tempered Strip Gardner horizontal end grinder
C-1050 Annealed Strip Porter Cable 8 X 107 belt grinder
T301 Spring Stainless Strip C101A – 4 head grinder
Many kick presses and punch presses   In house tool manufacturing